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September 12, 2008


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Windier E. Megatons

My question would be, what has Zell ever done that suggested he wasn't all about making as much money as possible? What motivation would he have for ruling Cuban out of it if Cuban entered the highest bid, as was widely rumored?


Identify your souces or keep your trap shut? How many journalists/bloggers/blogalists ever identify their sources? All sources are now kept private.


This is a common business tactic. While it's not clear if there is any evidence for chi blog's post, your reasoning is suspect. This is exactly the type of thing a business would do bring up the price.


This pains me to say, because I would LOVE Cuban to own the Cubs. However, I think this has legs. Since the MLB requires a 3/4 vote from MLB owners for any new owner to be accepted, and it seems that he wouldn't get that, Cuban is a perfect person for Zell to "use" to increase the bid.

On the other hand, Zell has said that he would fight tooth and nail to push the highest bidder through, even going as far as saying, "If they think they would have a problem with Cuban, wait until they mess with me."


Mark Murrell

I guess time will tell, but I am hopping this is just some BS, otherwise, I hope Cuban sues Zell for his time and cash investment.

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