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February 29, 2008


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How come there was no sox fans setting up a site to help their team when they went for the money with US Cellular? Maybe something like www.cubanandthecubs.com ? Huh? What's up with that Noonie?


Well Scottie...Scottie doesn't know, Scottie's gotta go....we as intelligent baseball fans welcomed the selling of the name so that the team could use the money to improve the park and put better teams on the field. As well as knowing that we as fans could conitnued to call it Comiskey and/or Sox Park. The park is great and we won a WS shortly there after. Besides that the Cuban and Cubs thing is irrelevant in the conversation.

Ank G

Well said, mon freir...It's tough being part of the top 1 %-ile, isn't it?

Sigh - it's tough taking over the world...

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