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May 21, 2008


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micheal jeffrey jordan

Mr NIC, while I appreciate your transplanted interest in our team, please refrain from articles that give basketball advice. Corey Magette? Shaq? Derrick Rose is from CHICAGO and he will energize the fan and his teamates. Micheal Beasly will give the bulls a powerfull presence and this will free Deng up to produce again and it will allow Tyrus to develop into a Marcus Camby like player. How about another post about your exploits in Door Co. I loved those posts.

Mark Murrell

Thanks for your comments, Jeff? You sound like a Laker fan...Why take Beasley when you have Tyrus Thomas? The Bulls need a vet; Maggette is ready to lead a team!

And I am a displaced fan, not a replaced one...thank you. RETURN OFTEN


Thank your for your opinions NIC, but I must admit you sound like a football fan. Tyrus is a tall lanky center, ala Marcus Camby, and Beasly is a more powerful Lamar Odom and of course we are forgetting about Noah. But this is all mute because Derrick Rose is awesome and he is FROM CHICAGO! The Bulls will draft him and shop Hinrich! That is the smart move to make. I look forward to your football picks and your stellar review of the Dolphins' chance to win the Super Bowl.

NIC Fella

Ha! Football review is coming, summer...Dolphin's? with a distraught Jason Taylor? Let's call the next three years for the Dolphin's rebuilding ones.

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