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November 19, 2008


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Mark, seriously, can you believe that show last night?!? Luckily I was there for free so I could at least laugh at the absurdity. My friend and I kept looking at each other with disbelief on our faces. When we walked in a little late and I saw he was wearing a glittery "ZERO" shirt I thought it was a bad sign.

I've never witnessed an ego like that on stage. It was truly a strange scene. I think the guy behind me summed it up perfectly when, during one of Billy's many endless rants about not being appreciated, he yelled "Hey Billy, quit fucking around and play some songs!"

Mark Murrell

It was insane...it was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had at a concert. Billy used to be so cool and chill. Something must have happened.

Ha! I wanted to yell too, but I was up on Balcony 4. You know, the whole Kazoo thing kind of pissed me off. It felt like a diss. I was expecting them to encore with some heavy shit, and instead, they played freaking Kazoos...WTF?


Yeah, no kidding. I'm 28 and have been a fan since 14, and have liked almost everything they ever created, not cuz they were the Pumpkins, but because they had the talent to do so many different styles of music.

I was with them even during Adore and Machina 2, and thought Zwan was really promising, but started to drift away with his dull solo album. In terms of sales I bought every album, some of them twice due to wearing out or as presents, got the Aeroplane set, though I already owned some of the singles, and spread the word to everybody.

Zeigeist was a horrible POS, aside from Clock & That's the Way, and it's just been heading toward turgid. He should've left his legacy alone and gone to meditate in India or something.

Shawn Hourtovenko

What can I say. I agree with lots of you here. I loved the pumpkins, when they were at a positive level with respect to fan treatment. It's some weird joke and I actually ended up leaving early because I was pissed off when he gave attitude here at the second night of the Toronto show. Anyways, Billy as you said, you know how you are, you read from the internet. I guess you love being an ass and expect positive feedback from it as an end result. Stop wining like a little child because you aren't as big as you used to be. Radiohead, Nine inch nails are perfect examples of bands who have still got the omph and love their fans. They get us, the pumpkins just don't. I've seen you 6 times. I'm finished wasting my time on this shyt.

Mark Murrell

Hey folks, check out my response to my own response: http://markinchicago.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/11/is-billy-corgan-a-genius.html

Been doing some research and perhaps Billy is on to something here...

TBD within 2 weeks

Me too, it was insane, it was one of the strangest experiences I have ever had at a concert.


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