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November 19, 2008


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You really gotta admit - Asshole Corgan is not a new thing. True, this ranting and raving is not something we've seen for some time. He really mellowed out on the last tour and all that Zwan bullshit was nothing but God shooting loving rainbows out his ass. Yelling and cussing at the audience? Welcome back, 1994.

Mark Murrell

I just have not seen Billy like this before. In reality, he is a mellow dude, so to see him bitch about what people think is a surprise and leads me to believe that it is a marketing ploy to remind fans that he is Billy from the 90s.


"Fans want to be appreciated, or do they? They most likely like to be spit on."

I'll need a little more proof that fans really want to be spit on. I'm going to the Pumpkins show this Wednesday in St. Louis, not because of this "controversy" but because I love the Pumpkins music, and I really love Billy's guitar playing. If I get to hear some of their old hits that I used to love, as well as some long, loud and fast guitar solos, I will be happy.
But, if Billy does go into a huge rant fest by the end, I will NOT buy another ticket to see them.

Chanel J12

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I think he is a genius. I can't wait for the new cd coming out this fall.

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